Rail transport

Railway is a reliable and proven method of transportation of goods in different directionsIf you need to transport, such goods as paper or wood products, liquid , project cargo or equipment with dimensions exceeding the standards, we will help you to choose the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

The transportation of goods by rail is carried out using the universal rolling equipment (which may be represented by covered wagons, open wagons, platforms) and specialized rolling equipment (which may be represented by fitting platforms, all-metal wagons, isothermal wagons, refrigerated sections, Chopra, transporters and universal containers (20ft and 40ft).

The main task of our company is to provide reliable, uninterrupted service for each client with the optimal combination of price and quality of services.

Successful cooperation with partners in many European countries, the Baltic States, CIS and Asia, allows us to provide customers with reliable service, urgent information about the tariff policy of different countries to carry out operative calculation of rates.

Translog Ltd has direct contracts with Russian Railways (personal account to pay for domestic, export, import and transit railway tariff), VR Cargo, Armenian Railways.

Our company offers customers the following complex of services for the carriage of goods by rail:

  • consultation in all matters of organization and implementation of transport;
  • development of optimal routing and rapid calculation of rates;
  • selection of the necessary rolling stock;
  • freight forwarding and support of export-import contracts for the carriage of goods;
  • registration of cargoes on the railway in the export/import regimes;
  • implementation of loading – unloading operations with the necessary machinery and equipment bagger;
  • the development and coordination of schemes / drawings for placement and securing of cargo on train wagons and containers;
  • fastening and unfastening of cargoes with the involvement of our own teams;
  • sealing the rail car for shipment in the presence of the customer;
  • preparation of necessary shipping documents;
  • payment of all necessary payments ( station charges), for shipment by rail;
  • payment of railway payment of transit states in international traffic;
  • continuous tracking of goods in transit, and providing customers with actual information about the location of the goods;
  • insurance of goods;
  • informing the customer about the date and time of arrival of the goods;
  • organization of project transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes using specialized rolling stock;
  • organization of container trains and block shipments of goods;
  • transportation of goods by a separate locomotive;
  • door to door delivery;
  • services of industrial unit of rail transort at the station Stupino.


Translog Ltd is accredited to train Leningrad and Moscow stations nodes (Moscow – commodity – Smolensk and Stupino), where we can serve shippers and consignees of goods on the Railways .