Road transport

If you are faced with the need to carry out export, import , transit and domestic transportation of goods highways CIS, Baltic , Eastern and Western Europe and you want to save your time and nerves, you should trust the solution of problems to a professional team. Our clients always have the opportunity to receive a set of services related to the organization and conduct of international transport and domestic transport in the EU, route calculations, freight charges, rates and taxes, as well as consultation with the contracts for cargo transportation.

The department of road transport in our company offers the organization of transportation and delivery of goods on time and at optimal route by different types of vehicles:

  • tilt semitrailers from from 80m³ to 120m³ ;
  • isothermal – Refrigerators;
  • semitrailers with metal body;
  • container yards;
  • car transporter trucks;
  • tanks, trucks for transport of liquid cargo;
  • trucks for trucking of bulk and dry bulk cargo;
  • trailers, trucks for transporting heavy, bulky goods;
  • transportation of cargoes, transport from 200kg to 22t;
  • trucks for transportation of dangerous goods.


Translog Ltd offers its own container, for the transport of heavy containers in Russia weighing up to 28 tonnes of cargo, without disrupting on weight control.

4-axle low-bed semi-container ships SW-454 type goose-neck universal and designed to carry 40-foot containers. The frame is made from Swedish high quality steel construction reinforced and verified Russian roads.

A significant advantage of our company is the continuous monitoring of transport using GPRS.